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About Us

  Fiore was set up by a group of volunteers and provides free educational classes to women with no access, or only limited access, to education. The classes are led by volunteers who are willing to share their expertise. Each class aims to teach participants a practical skill they can use after completing the course. In our first phase of classes, women are being shown how to make candles. We aim to create an atmosphere of increased confidence and friendship. We can help individuals set up and register basic legal…

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Sewing and Mukeish Course Rawalpindi 

Sewing and Mukeish Course

The sewing, embroidery and Mukeish course is a more in depth 4 month training course in comparison to Fiores previous shorter courses. Collectively the Fiore team decided to focus on a longer course to increase the participants skill base and give them a greater chance of employment and also more flexible skills in the community of Rawalpindi. Learning higher skilled embroidery such as Mukeish could lead to work from home opportunities for the women and potentially international opportunities linking up to international ethical clothing brands. Mukeish is an ancient form…

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The Candle Making Project has Ended Rawalpindi 

The Candle Making Project has Ended

The candle making project has ended, and the girls enjoyed a lot and had a meaningful learning experience during the course. The response about candle making course are very good. The girls said it would be helpful in their future. They responded with feedback question like they didn’t know about candles, how candles were made and decorated they only knew to use them in time of electricity outages, but through these classes they learned that candles are also use for decorating houses , events and giving them as gifts. It…

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FIOREs first community project Rawalpindi 

FIOREs first community project

Poverty is the biggest obstacle in the socio-economic development of underprivileged families in Pakistan. The cultural norms in Pakistan put the burden of earning on the shoulders of males and women are bound to domestic duties. However the vital role of women in sharing the overall household responsibilities, including economic, is a historic fact. Keeping this in view FIORE opened up a community centre starting community based income generation workshops for women from underprivileged families in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The overall aim of these workshops is “empowerment through skill enhancement” through…

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Rawalpindi Fiores first locality Rawalpindi 

Rawalpindi Fiores first locality

Rawalpindi, city, Punjab province, northern Pakistan. It was the Capital of Pakistan from 1959 to 1969. The city is 14 km away from the national capital Islamabad on the Potwar Plateau. Bazaar in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Trueblood786/Michelle Ahmad   Rawalpindi (“Village of Rawals”) occupies the site of an old village inhabited by the Rawals, a group of yogis. Sikhs settled in the area in 1765 and encouraged traders from elsewhere to move in as well. In 1849, the British occupied the Punjab and made Rawalpindi one of their main military outposts…

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