About Us


Fiore was set up by a group of volunteers and provides free educational classes to women with no access, or only limited access, to education.

The classes are led by volunteers who are willing to share their expertise.

Each class aims to teach participants a practical skill they can use after completing the course.

In our first phase of classes, women are being shown how to make candles.

We aim to create an atmosphere of increased confidence and friendship.

We can help individuals set up and register basic legal paperwork such as National Identity Cards.

Overall, Fiore aims to help each individual take first steps towards education, as well as establishing their identity as a citizen.


What does FIORE mean for each individual?

FEMALE – who you are

INSPIRATION – for your life

OPPORTUNITY – to learn and love

RESPECT – yourself and others

EQUALITY – for all

Please explore our website for further information and case studies.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information or if you wish to sponsor parts of our projects.



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