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1) Name and age
Mary Peter, 23 years

2) What do you think women need in your local community?
I think that the local women need to be empowered and trained in a specific skill which could help them secure some amount of money for their family, many children in the area don’t attend school. This is mostly because the earning is not that good, so if the mothers have a even a little amount of earning they could get their children in a school and this would help the people in my community to develop slowly but surely. Foremost the women need to gain respect in their household and this earning could surely help them gain respect in their families.

3) What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I hope that in the future I could start either ribbon work or this embroidery work as a profession and as a women I have a good Idea how well paid this work is.

4) How is Fiore helping you?
Of course this skill is great, this is something one can only learn in areas where men hold dominance, as mostly men do this work here, and being able to learn such an advance skill which is highly paid, has made me more self confident and independent as I can earn better on my own not only for my self but for my family as well.

5) What could Fiore do in the future to help you more.
What we have learned is great and it would be great if we could learn more, but if FIORE helps us enter the market or provide some kind of link between us and the bazaar it would be a great help for us, as starting a business is one of the biggest issues where we are not allowed to work in markets but have to work in our own home. If we get settled in that would be great.


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