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Rawalpindi Fiores first locality Rawalpindi 

Rawalpindi Fiores first locality

Rawalpindi, city, Punjab province, northern Pakistan. It was the Capital of Pakistan from 1959 to 1969. The city is 14 km away from the national capital Islamabad on the Potwar Plateau.


Bazaar in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Trueblood786/Michelle Ahmad


Rawalpindi (“Village of Rawals”) occupies the site of an old village inhabited by the Rawals, a group of yogis.

Sikhs settled in the area in 1765 and encouraged traders from elsewhere to move in as well.

In 1849, the British occupied the Punjab and made Rawalpindi one of their main military outposts in the region.

A commercial and industrial hub, Rawalpindi has an oil refinery, railroad yards and many factories producing a diverse range of products such as iron, hosiery, chemicals, furniture, flour and textiles.

Corn (maize), wheat and barley are chief crops grown in surrounding areas. The Kurang River and Rawal Dam provides Rawalpindi and Islamabad with a key water source.


Capital city Islamabad highlighted

Google maps 20/08/16



Rawalpindi highlighted outside of Islamabad

Google maps 20/08/16


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