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Sewing and Mukeish Course Rawalpindi 

Sewing and Mukeish Course

The sewing, embroidery and Mukeish course is a more in depth 4 month training course in comparison to Fiores previous shorter courses. Collectively the Fiore team decided to focus on a longer course to increase the participants skill base and give them a greater chance of employment and also more flexible skills in the community of Rawalpindi. Learning higher skilled embroidery such as Mukeish could lead to work from home opportunities for the women and potentially international opportunities linking up to international ethical clothing brands.


Mukeish is an ancient form of embroidery in Pakistan using metallic thread and creating exquisite intricate designs some of which can take months to master and each piece is unique to that individual. Before Mukeish training can begin basic stitching and other forms of embroidery are taught.

There are 8 women participating in this course in their mid twenties and they are enjoying the course so much that they have asked for additional classes and friendly competition between each participant has ensued.

More news on this course to follow.


David Chorlton

Co-Founder Fiore


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