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The Candle Making Project has Ended Rawalpindi 

The Candle Making Project has Ended

The candle making project has ended, and the girls enjoyed a lot and had a meaningful learning experience during the course. The response about candle making course are very good. The girls said it would be helpful in their future.

They responded with feedback question like they didn’t know about candles, how candles were made and decorated they only knew to use them in time of electricity outages, but through these classes they learned that candles are also use for decorating houses , events and giving them as gifts. It could serve the potential to continue their studies, one girl expressed that she had to stop her studies because her parents could not afford the expense for her studies.

Through these classes she could continue her studies, by making candles she would generate income and spend that income on her studies. They learned to make different kinds of candles, but they unanimously enjoyed in making Doll Candles because it was an amalgamation of all of the candles they made. They said Candle Making could help them to improve their standard of living. Through the course they could generate income and help their families. FIORE can play an important role in building the personalities of these girls in the society. The training can help and are very helpful because these courses are not jammed with extensive work but helps through micro learning a few hours a week and a skill set allows them to be more comfortable without a hectic routine.

The community faces many problems among them are issues such as poverty and illiteracy. The girls cannot become an active part of the economy and are left home bound to become house-wives. In order to get them empowered in the family and economic structures, they need a proper skill set to get out of the circle of poverty. Moreover the issues of low self-esteem in the patriarchal system are also a hindrance to these women.

Fiore has played a positive role in the lives of these women where as reported earlier women are more enthusiastic about supporting and continuing their education. Furthermore some women made a promise to buy their or their children’s clothes for the next festive season, which might not be big but it is a small return to the investment.

During the course the women also showed enthusiasm in selling these candles in the Christmas season which I think could be a very popular sellout because candles have a close link to the season. Once they cease the opportunity and get established as creative candle makers and enter the market, allowing them to be small entrepreneurs and allow a steady income.


Tirza Asif

Fiore Assistant


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